My City Complex, Ajapnyak

My City Complex, Ajapnyak

The construction site is in the Ajapnyak C1 administrative district of Yerevan neighboring the Ashtarak highway. Located far from the hustle and bustle of the city and in an eco-friendly site, you will be able to fully enjoy your rest and relax in your comfortable house.

A private residential complex is designed on this site with the following indicators:

  • Construction area: 3820 square meters, 48%
  • Green area: 3560 square meters, 45%
  • Sidewalks and roads: 445 square meters, 7%

The houses are arranged along the northern and southern parts of the site. Two main types of adjacently placed residential houses are included in the complex –two-story houses and three-story houses.

The facilities are monolithic constructions with underlying carcass structure. Bases installed in the building are connected to each other through monolithic reinforced concrete. The isolation mode is maintained in the buildings. The buildings have individual water supply and drainage systems. The complex is going to comprise a pharmacy, store, kindergarten and other necessary facilities.

Arrangement of Houses

More than 50 adjacently placed houses are included in the complex. Every house has its own fenced acreage and green zone with the surface of 150 square meters. It is also possible to buy acreages separately within the complex starting from 150 square meters. Focusing on affordability and comfort, we have one main goal- construct buildings for the future and further generations.
Price 490 USD Per Square Meter
Developer Building Capital
Contact / +37411 - 220133, +37491 - 949000