Two New City Blocks in Stepanakert

#artsakh #construction #newdevelopment #stepanakert

"Two new urban blocks will be built in the center of Stepanakert, and the works are at the design stage",- this information we received from the municipality of Stepanakert. The houses will be built in accordance with all modern building requirements...

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Goris Football Stadium Will be Restored

#armenia #construction #sport #syunik

Reconstruction of the football stadium in Goris (Syunik province, Armenia) will begin in April this year. Reconstruction works are fully scheduled for completion in 8 months. The restoration works were planned to begin in April, but the weather condi...

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Yerevan Underground New Start

#armenia #construction #newdevelopment #yerevan

The long-awaited “train” of unloading traffic flows in the capital and the development of the metro has finally budged! The future metro station project “Ajapnyak”, which was in draft papers back from Soviet times, finally will be brought to ...

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Dine Sky: Flying Restaurant in Armenia

#armenia #yerevan #dining #restaurant

Very soon the lovers of hot emotions will be able to enjoy their dinner at flying restaurant Dine Sky in Armenia. The structure of the restaurant consists of two parts: the deck, which has tables and chairs attached, and the roof, which is 8 m long a...

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New Education and Sports Complex in Yerevan

#armenia #construction #architecture #yerevan

In February 2016 the construction of new educational and sports complex began in administrative district Avan on Tsarav Aghbyur street in Yerevan. This project is developed by Gazprom Armenia within the framework of the large-scale project “Gazprom...

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