German Architect Frei Otto Wins 2015 Pritzker Prize a Day After His Death

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A day after his death, German architect Frei Otto was named the 2015 winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the field's highest honor.

The award typically goes to a living architect. Otto died on 9 March at age 89, so the announcem...

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3D Printed Bricks Instead Of Air Conditioning System

#3Dprinted #coolbricks #technology #architecture

Many designers use different devices for house passive cooling. But what if we try to approach the issue from another side and for cooling system use the material from which the house is built. For example, it can be a simple brick.


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New York City Constructs It's First 'Micro Apartments' Building

apartment #usa #newyork #architecture #construction

New York's first "micro apartment" building "My Micro NY" is constructed in Brooklyn Navy Yard (New York, USA). According to New York Times, the end of construction is planned for this spring and the building will begin leasing studios in summer. The...

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The World's Vertical Garden Lives and Breathes In Sydney

#garden #australia #sydney #architecture

The world's tallest vertical garden now adorns Sydney skyline. The One Central Park is already completed and offers its potential owners a unique combination of architecture and nature.
One Central Park designed by Jean Nouvel in collaborati...

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Another One Replica Of Eiffel Tower Will Be Opened In the Near Future

#eiffel #tower #china #macao #culture #architecture

Today approximately there are 41 Eiffel Tower replicas over the world, 3 of which are situated in China. Forth one, a half size replica of the Eiffel Tower also will be opened in 2016 in Macao, China. But this is not the end. Dozens of this brand tow...

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