Are you going to buy a house or an apartment through mortgage lending?

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The question, may be, doesn't need any comment. Just mention high interest rates of mortgage lending in Armenia (12%-18%). They are slightly lower than in Russia, for example, but much higher than in developed countries. The unpopularity of mortgage ...

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Dealing with Construction Permits in Armenia

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This section looks at the procedural requirements for building a standardized warehouse in Armenia.
The country data appearing on this page was collected as part of the Doing Business project, which measures and compares regulations relevant t...

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Construction without legal contract

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As we have already noted in the article on 20% VAT excluding, today almost the entire market of private home renovation, as well as the most part of home new construction is in shadow market; i.e. we build and renovate our houses, substantially incre...

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Construction and renovation in Armenia

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If you are a civilized one, then, certainly, no! But don't give a negative answer, since it does not make you as such...
In the existing situation of almost complete shadow home construction and renovation, when companies have to conduct works...

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Piazza Grande on the site of the former 'House of Officers'

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The construction of Piazza Grande complex, located on Vazgen Manukyan street, was completed. The complex is adjacent to the main square of Yerevan- Republic Square and that is probably gave rise to building name (Piazza Grande means Large Square in I...

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