Kumayri Historical Center Development Plan

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The opinion of the architect Sashur Kalashyan

The Kumayri museum-reserve was created by the decision of Armenian government in 1980 to preserve the original historical and architectural heritage (about 1200 buildings) of Gyumri. In th...

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The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies Expanding in Gyumri

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Soon the new building of the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies will open its doors in Gyumri. The center will be located in a 150-year-old theater building, which is one of the oldest theaters of Eastern Armenia. During its two-year activity in G...

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Cable Car Will Return to Yerevan

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There are stormy discussions among architects in the last year. The reason is the possible investment project of a new cable car in Yerevan. According to the media, the project proposal was presented in April last year by IDeA Foundation Director Edg...

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COAF SMART Centre Will Open Its Doors in May 2018

#armenia #lori #education #architecture

The three-wing building of COAF SMART Center was built in the picturesque nature between Debet and Dsegh villages of Lori Province, with funding from the Children of Armenia Foundation (COAF). This impressive structure with its transparent architectu...

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The First Geothermal Power Plant Will Be Built in Armenia

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Finally, there will be a new, alternative, renewable geothermal, basic and relatively cheaper electricity source in Armenia.

It is planned to build a geothermal power plant in Karkar, Syunik province, where the heat from the earth's own molt...

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