This Modern Stained Glass Window Doubles As A Solar Panel

#solarpower #glass #technology #energy #architecture

For several years now, tech companies have been at work to develop clear solar panels that can double as windows, but the Current Window provides a gorgeous stained glass twist on that idea. Created by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, the window gene...

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Wind Turbine And Apartments In The Same Building

#windwheel #windpower #netherlands #rotterdam #energy #architecture

How cool would it be to tell people you live inside of a wind turbine? Designed for the port city of Rotterdam, the Dutch "Windwheel" is a concept for a sustainable landmark that would be able to house 72 apartments within a circular steel and glass ...

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Israel's Knesset Unveils World's Largest Parliament Roof Solar Field

#solarpower #israel #jerusalem #energy

The geographically small Israel is making a big statement about the importance of solar energy in the sun-blessed Middle Eastern nation. Recently legislators and environmentalists gathered at the Knesset, Israel's national assembly in Jerusalem, to i...

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France Breaks Ground On Europe's Largest Solar Plant

#solarpower #france #energy #record

While Germany has spent the last few years stealing the headlines for its remarkable advances in renewable energy infrastructure, neighboring France has, up until now, remained relatively silent on the matter of green energy. But this week Paris-base...

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Heart-Shaped Solar Farm Is the World's Most Beautiful Photovoltaic Plant!

#solarpower #newcaledonia #energy #architecture

Who says solar power can't be gorgeous? The people of New Caledonia are out to prove the naysayers wrong with what may be the most beautiful solar farm on the planet. The heart-shaped solar farm will supply 2 megawatts of solar power to 750 homes on ...

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