Some 'Green' Buildings Are Unhealthy For Residents

#green #health #eco

The primary goal of home energy efficiency initiatives might be to reduce total energy consumption, but these projects could have a negative impact on public health if we do not take care.

Global climate change has been called the bigge...

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Breakthrough Cement Production Technique Is CO2 Free

#cement #health #technology

As global warming begins to more strongly influence policy and economic decisions, attention is turning to the construction industry and its massive, 3 trillion kilogram annually cement addiction. The cement industry is the second largest emitter of ...

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Mongolia to Cool City with Artificial Glacier

#mongolia #health #technology #construction

A giant glacier is planned for the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator, providing cool air and clean water for the city during summer, reported Constructiondigital.

For centuries, engineers have dreamed of towing icebergs around the world, p...

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Government's Cherished Dreams

#armenia #sevan #sport #health #construction

Recently Government approved the concept represented by the Ministry of Economy on the establishment of international highland sports center on Lake Sevan shore, near the village Tsovagyuh, which, by the ministry's assumption, will be a unique in th...

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Devastating earthquake in Armenia

#earthquake #armenia #yerevan #health

Of course, you are afraid; otherwise, you are poorly informed about the problem. Do you know that in the report of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery organization (2009) Armenia was ranked to be the first among all countries on vulne...

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