Norway To Build World’s First “Energy Positive” Hotel

#green #hotel #norway #technology

Snøhetta has unveiled its design for "Svart," a hotel for sustainable tourism company Arctic Adventure of Norway. Located within the Arctic Circle, on the edge of Norway's Holandsfjorden fjord at the base of the Svartisen glacier, the building is de...

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Forest Inside Amazon's New Office

#green #office #forest #technology

Amazon has finally opened its stunning new downtown Seattle office, and it’s unlike any workspace we’ve seen before, reported The Bloomberg. The Amazon Spheres are three glass geodesic domes that provide office and greenhouse space. Designed by N...

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China Built World’s Tallest Air Purifier

#china #technology #green #tower

A 100-meter-tall experimental air purifier has been built in Xi’an, the capital of China’s central Shaanxi province, reported The Inhabitat.

The tower, which is being tested by researchers from the Institute of Earth Environment at the C...

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Robotic 3D Printers Create Floors In Any Pattern

#technology #science #floors #green

A Dutch company has developed technology for 3D printing floors in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Company named «Aectual» uses huge robotic 3D printers to create the framework for its sustainable floors. As a result, these floors can be...

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The Concrete Can Be Much Stronger With Plastic Bottles

#concrete #green #technology #science

The world consumes billions of water bottles — every year. Of those, only 1 of 5 is recycled. Fortunately, a handful of MIT students have developed a solution to this problem, and it involves repurposing waste plastic bottles to reinforce concrete....

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