Worlds Tallest Unoccupied Building Renovates

Worlds Tallest Unoccupied Building Renovates

North Korea's famous pyramid-shaped hotel Ryugyong has been renovated, despite never having welcomed a single guest, reported The Daily Mail.

The 105-story Ryugyong Hotel - the world's tallest unoccupied building - in the capital Pyongyang has been spruced up and awarded two new walkways.

The renovations may be a sign that Dictator Kim Jong-Un could be about to finish the project started by his grandfather in 1987, branded 'the Hotel of Doom'.

From a distance, the glassy, greenish-blue Ryugyong looks like it's ready for business. But it is believed to be far from complete inside and possibly even structurally unsound.

Work on the building started in 1987 while Kim's grandfather Kim Il Sung, North Korea's founder and 'eternal president,' was still alive. It was supposed to open in 1989 and would have been the world's tallest hotel - surpassing another in Singapore that was built by a South Korean company.

But a severe economic crash and famines in the 1990s left North Korea in no position to pump funds into the hotel's construction, and it stayed little more than an embarrassing concrete shell for well over a decade before Egypt's Orascom Group - which was also key in establishing the North's cellphone system - helped pay for work to complete the building's shiny exterior in 2011.