Wood, Green And Modular Construction In One Project

Wood, Green And Modular Construction In One Project

Penda, in collaboration with Canadian company Tmber, have proposed what they are calling the Toronto Tree Tower, an 18-story residential block that would stand 62 meters tall, with a modular structure made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), reported The Dezeen.

Wood would also clad the building's staggered walls, and trees would grow from the homes' balconies.

"The warm, natural appearance of wood and the plants growing on its façade bring the building to life and that could be a model for environmentally-friendly developments and sustainable extensions of our urban landscape," said Penda partner Chris Precht.

The Toronto tower would encompass 4,500 square meters of residential area and 550 square meters of public space, which would include a café, a children's daycare center, and community workshops.

Penda is renowned for incorporating plants into its architecture. A modular hotel built from bamboo, a tower in India with hanging-garden façades, and a vast network of plant-filled building blocks for Beijing's horticultural expo are among recent proposals.

Furthermore, its use of CLT may be a sign of things to come, as architects predict that CLT and other engineered timbers will overtake concrete and glass as this century's architectural "wonder material.” Penda favors this method of construction as it is faster, quieter, uses less waste and is more environmentally friendly.

"Our cities are assemblies of steel, concrete, and glass," said Precht. "If you walk through the city and suddenly see a tower made of wood and plants, it will create an interesting contrast."

What is a ‘community workshop’?

A community workshop is an occasion where people from within a community gather together and engage in some form of interaction which allows them to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas. These workshops can take various forms and perform different functions, including: Information exchange, including both giving information to and collecting information from workshop participants; Consultation with participants about their views and opinions; Teaching / Learning new skills and abilities; Building relationships between participants