Dubai To Build Floating Venice

Dubai To Build Floating Venice

Dubai unveils plans to build the world’s first underwater luxury vessel resort, reported The Arabian Business.

Valued at US$ 680 million, The Floating Venice will be located in The World islands, 4 kilometers offshore from Dubai and will bring an authentic Venetian experience to the Middle East, the developer Kleindienst Group said in a statement.

This floating resort has a capacity of up to 3,000 guests daily, with accommodation, restaurants and recreation split over four decks, one of which is underwater.

Guests will arrive by boat, seaplane or helicopter to the main Piazza San Marco where they can check-in at the underwater lobby. Gondola's imported from Venice will transport guests to their cabins through the winding canals, or alternatively a short stroll through canal side walkways and bridges will take them to their awaiting cabins.

The developer said there will be a range of 414 bespoke cabins, alongside boutique hospitality spots and traditional artisanal shops. Throughout the year The Floating Venice will be a celebration of culture and the arts, where traditional festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, Binnale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore will bring the resort alive with the flair and heritage of Venice.

The Floating Venice also offers 24 pools, some of which will have acrylic bases giving views of the coral reefs below. Over 37000 square meters of corals will be planted around The Floating Venice as well as 12 floating beaches.

A collection of 12 restaurants and bars offer a variety of entertainment, three of which are underwater while the resort will also feature the world's first floating underwater spa.

Kleindienst Group said the Floating Venice is designed to have a lifespan of at least 100 years. Construction is scheduled to begin early in 2018 with completion by the fourth quarter of 2020.