Vietnam To Build 333-Meter-High Sky Forest

Vietnam To Build 333-Meter-High Sky Forest

Architect Ole Scheeren has unveiled plans to build a 333-metre-high skyscraper in Vietnam's largest city, which will mimic the topography of the country's natural landscape, reported The Dezeen.

Called Empire City, the building will be built near the center of Ho Chi Minh City, in a rapidly developing area on the east side of the Saigon River.

It will be made up of three towers, which will rise up from a "mountain-shaped" podium. This podium will feature terraced gardens, designed to be reminiscent of Vietnam's tiered paddy fields, while the tallest of the towers will swell out near the top, to create an elevated garden, or "sky forest". "I felt we should think about the future of architecture and of the city itself, and think of ways that nature and human beings can coexist," Scheeren told Dezeen.

"But we wanted about ways that nature could not only exist on the ground, but also high up in the sky," he said. "So we created a podium like a giant terraced landscape, to anchor three towers to the ground, and this landscape is then pulled up into the sky."

With a height of 333 meters, Empire City will be taller than any of Ho Chi Minh City's existing skyscrapers – far exceeding the 262.5 meters of Bitexco Financial Tower, the city's current tallest building.

The main 88-storey tower, called Empire 88 Tower, will contain apartments and a hotel, as well as the public observation deck and a top-floor events space, known as the Cloud Space. The podium will accommodate retail, while the two smaller towers will contain offices and homes.