The Longest Zipline in the Region Will Open Soon in Yerevan

The Longest Zipline in the Region Will Open Soon in Yerevan

The construction of the zipline that connects Arabkir and Ajapnyak Administrative Districts of Yerevan (from one bank of Hrazdan river to another) is already completed, and in a few days, adventure tourism fans will be able to experience the longest zipline of the region built within the framework of the Alter Ego project in Arabkir Park.

The zipline has two directions. From Arabkir to Ajapnyak with the length of 870 m, and backwards - 650 m. The height of the zipline is about 90 m, part of which passes under the bridge of Davtashen. Moreover, it is considered the only zipline in the world that passes under the bridge.

"Designers and investors usually avoid such projects, because the bridges cause winds of different directions, so there is a risk that a person will not succeed its way. We constructed the line with such technical capabilities that will allow us to adjust the speed at any time. We studied the character of the winds and their directions, and we are sure that this bridge will not prevent us. The construction of the zipline lasted two months, "said Zhirayr Mushegհyan who is one of the founders of Alter Ego company.

The cost of the zipline flight on weekends and holydays will be about USD 33 and about USD 29 for working days. The zipline and park will fully have adapted to handicaps and for them other tariffs will be used.

The construction of the zipline cost about USD 160 000 and the next year another USD 100 000 will be invested to turn Arabkir Park to one of the most attractive and innovative places in Armenia. Besides the zipline, fans of extreme sports will have an opportunity to experience rock climbing, ice climbing as well as mountain biking.

"The mountain biking trial will connect the park with the Barekamutyun Metro Station tunnel, we shall take this area under our control, set up appropriate signs and provide all security measures for bikers," says Zhirayr Mushegհyan.

The park will also consist free of charge open cinema and libraries, as well as playgrounds and special places for drawing for children. The company is also going to make some improvements on lighting and landscaping, build irrigation system, ramps and other needed facilities in 3-hectare Arabkir Park.