Yerevan’s Biggest Mall to Open in Spring 2018

Yerevan’s Biggest Mall to Open in Spring 2018

Mega Mall Armenia will differ from the capital’s other malls with its bigger size. Currently it is the largest commercial building in Armenia with floor area about 105 000 sq. m. including parking lots and other serving areas. The main building’s area is 25 000 sq. m.

Due to sloping terrain of the construction site part of the building has four stories, and another - five.

Despite its big size and complicated structure, it will have quite simple orientation inside the building due to many helpful connections between the floors. Currently the finishing works are ongoing.

Automated Underground Parking Lot

Besides open parking lot located around the mall, there will also be 15 000 sq. m indoor two-story car lot with automated parking system. Before entering the line, the driver will see on the screen the number and location of free and busy parking places marked accordingly with green and red lights.

Main Entertainment and Trade Places

Mega Mall Armenia will have two-story entertainment and game zone (5800 sq. m.) where the first indoor karting in Armenia to open. A waterfall swing, a new kind of entertainment in Armenia, will also be placed at entertainment and game zone.

There will also be a food court which will consist of 12 restaurants and cafes, 4 cinema halls and а big fitness club with 2000 sq. m. area.

The main trade outlets will be a large computer electronics and appliances store (10000 sq. m.), Yerevan City hypermarket (5600 sq. m) and a wholesale agricultural market (2000 sq. m).