Yerevan Circus Will Open its Doors in The Autumn 2018

Yerevan Circus Will Open its Doors in The Autumn 2018

The Yerevan Circus, built over six years, will be put into operation in a year, becoming one of the most important cultural sights of Armenian capital.

“The construction of the circus is difficult, because the building shape is round, and in this sense, it has its own features. A little more time and we’ll have a luxurious and modernized circus building. Finally, the actors will work under normal conditions, as they have been working in a building that has no basic conditions for many years”, says the art director of the circus Sos Petrosyan.

The round shaped old building of the circus was built in 1962 on the site of the first wooden circus building of Yerevan. More than 50 years old building which was not repaired after its opening, was demolished in 2011, when experts concluded that it was inadvisable to repair it.
The architect of the project is Vahagn Vermishyan. The construction is financed by Tashir Group.

The roof of the former building was only 17 meters, which made it impossible to show most acrobatic tricks. Now the roof has a height of 27 meters, which will allow to show all modern tricks. Former building occupied 3000-3500 square meters, now it is more by 1000 square meters.

Instead of old four-story building, the new one has 8 floors, two of which will serve as an underground parking. By the way, it is the only circus in the world that has underground parking.

Instead of the previous 1560 seats, now the circus will have 2000 to 2500 seats, as well as three changeable arenas.

The new building also will be fully equipped for wheelchair users.