Robotic 3D Printers Create Floors In Any Pattern

Robotic 3D Printers Create Floors In Any Pattern

A Dutch company has developed technology for 3D printing floors in an endless variety of colors and patterns. Company named «Aectual» uses huge robotic 3D printers to create the framework for its sustainable floors. As a result, these floors can be customized to fit spaces of any shape and size, and can be created in all kinds of designs – from traditional patterns to custom motifs.

The process involves printing out the desired pattern using a robot with six degrees of freedom – meaning it can move forwards and backwards, up and down, and left and right, as well as freely between these X, Y and Z axes through rotation.

The material they use for printing is a bio plastic made from plants, which is fully recyclable.

Once the printing is complete, the framework is transported to its final destination. This mould, which measures just a few centimeters high, is then in filled with a terrazzo made from recycled granite or marble chips, and a bio-based binding agent. After the mixture has set, the final step is to polish it.

According to Aectual, the resulting floors are high quality and wear-resistant. Also, thanks to the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials, the floors are intended to create little or no waste.