Old Dilijan as a Tourist Innovation Center

Old Dilijan as a Tourist Innovation Center

Tourist Information Center is founded in Dilijan Central Park․ It is built by IDeA foundation within the framework of regional development program “Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative” co-financed by the European Union and the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development.

Tourist Information Center is an innovative architectural structure in line with the environment. Windows from floor to ceiling reflect the surroundings, creating a direct connection with the nature․ Architect of the center Vazgen Sedrakyan notes, that such an architectural solution has not been an end in itself (the general idea of the building belongs to NST architectural studio together with Tim Flinn Architects). The place and the environment of the park dictated the design of the building. ’’As the building was planned to stand in the park, we tried to make it transparent and light, so that it fits the environment,’’ said Vazgen Sedrakyan, “We tried to make it attractive. The exterior and interior decorations are also very simple. We used wood, which is very popular construction material in Dilijan (the balustrades and balconies in Dilijan are mostly made of wood). The structure is very simple inside, too. The task was to build a house open from inside to outside and from outside to inside. We did not imitate, we tried to create an environment friendly building.''

The area of the Tourist Information Center is small, total area is120 m², the first floor - 80 m², the second floor - 40 m². The first floor is consisted of several zones: tourist information sector, a small souvenir store, rental office for travel accessories like, bicycles, tents, etc., and storage room to keep visitor’s luggage safe.

On the second floor located a community center where different trainings and meetings can be organized. “We tried to build the center with high energy-saving standards. There is a place on the roof for solar panels, and in nearest future the building will be supplied by solar energy. Besides, we have planned that the outside walls will be covered with climbing vines. Thus the building will fit more to its surroundings,” said Vazgen Sedrakyan.

The city park was also renovated with help of IDeA Foundation: the park has been cleaned, the trees have been pruned, the tracks have been covered with red gravel, the children's playground has been renewed, new benches and garbage bins were installed, the lighting of the park was modernized, and the frames of the paintings depicting Soviet symbolism were updated. Reconstruction of the lake with modernized drainage and filtering system is also envisaged in the nearest future.