Hostility and Revenge: I Tasted Both. Artur Meschyan Summarizes 100 Days of His Tenure

Hostility and Revenge: I Tasted Both. Artur Meschyan Summarizes 100 Days of His Tenure

During these one hundred days, 4,200 town planning works were studied, 300 projects were approved, 170 building permits were issued, and 22 demolishing decisions were made. These are the figures published by the chief architect of Yerevan. That was a hard work, and in this period Artur Meschyan managed to “taste hostility and revenge”' (cites the words of his own song), because not everyone encourages honest and legitimate working style for the benefit of the city. Nevertheless, Artur Meschyan continues to adhere to his principles. He presents several strategic projects for the city, the implementation of which will improve our urban environment.

Construction of New Underground Stations in Ajapnyak District.

Construction of new metro stations is strategically important for our capial city. These stations are half-built, the engineering estimations and conclusions are ready, and 250 mln. AMD are already spent for this project.

A New Cable Car System will be Built Connecting Nor Nork District to the Center.

The passenger cabins of the cable transport are planned for 12-14 people. That will solve the problem of transportation from Nor Nork to the Center, unloading some streets from heavy traffic. The cable transport will work with high frequency. It will be multi-modular and will have two stations.

The Problems of the Residents in a State of Severe Disrepair Buildings will be Solved.

The municipality cooperates with developers. The problem of the residents in the most unsafe buildings will be solved in the nearest future.

The Second Zone of Yerevan Opera Theatre Building Area Returns to Yerevan.

This is not the city's Chief architect’s or Mayor's desire; it is the wish of Yerevan citizens. There were many complaints saying, that the Opera area is becoming ugly. At the end of this project the Independence square and the Opera Theatre building designed by Alexander Tamanyan will have a new and interesting view.

According to the Chief Architect, the Issue of the Monument-Building on 23 Arami Street is also Considered to be Solved.

A contract was signed between the developer AMC LLC and the Ministry of Culture, according to which the developer will give 14 mln AMD for inviting the Italian architect Lucio Pezzi and designing the reconstruction project.

The Garages and Kiosks will not be Privatized.

The garages and kiosks are one of the vulnerable sides of Yerevan, occupying our yards and green areas. From now on, assures Meschyan, we will not privatize any garage or kiosk. We are simply going to sign a contract extension, provided that they can be dismantled at any time, based on the requirements of the city.

The Mansard Roofs will be Brought to Common Appearance.

The municipality of Yerevan will give permission for mansard roof construction only if all the neighbors apply together, have common design and the same engineer. Separate applications will not be considered.

Asphalt will be Replaced by Pavement Tiles.

The municipality of Yerevan plans to start a street improvement program, within the frame of which several streets will be covered by pavement tiles. As a result, there will be no need to repair asphalt once in two years, which is a rather costly work.