Dilijan Housing Complex

Dilijan Housing Complex

Dilijan Housing Complex provides:
  • duplex apartments located in terraced houses
  • apartments with different surfaces located in 4-storey multi-apartment building

There are parking places as well as sports and children’s playgrounds at the territory of the Housing Complex. Duplex apartment is a European style unique two-story apartment.

On the ground floor of this apartment there are:
  • kitchen, bathroom and a living room
  • the living room has an entry to the small garden - a specific place for entertainment and leisure

On the second floor there are:
  • two bedrooms (large and small)
  • second bathroom (large)

Such type of arrangement makes comfort for all the members of the family. There is a small garden of 25-30 sq m attached to each apartment in order to create relaxed atmosphere for the dwellers. Apartments are provided with individual heating and hot water supply systems.

  • The Housing Complex is located in Shamakhyan district, at North-West of Dilijan, which is currently the most rapidly growing district in the town.
  • The Housing Complex is unique with its beautiful nature and young inhabitants. The district is provided with developed social infrastructure and permanently functioning transportation network.
  • There is a school and a newly renovated kindergarten nearby the Housing Complex. Also the branch of Ayb School is currently being constructed at the territory of the district.

About Project
The project of “Dilijan Housing Complex” is implemented by ASBA Foundation in partnership with Dilijan municipality and with financial support of “Groen West” Dutch Housing Organization and DIGH Foundation.

Project construction started in March 2013. First dwellings will be delivered in 2014. The construction process is fully controlled by Armenian and Dutch leading specialists.

“Dilijan Housing Complex” offers:
  • Affordable houses for rent and for sale
  • Modern architectural solutions and innovative technologies
  • Energy efficient approach with maximum utilization of sunlight
  • New quality of living in European style community
  • Participatory approach to management and maintenance of the Complex
  • Separate small land plot attached to each dwelling
  • Improved green surroundings and internal illumination

EE-Integrated Social Housing in Dilijan, Armenia
Price N/A
Developer National Social Housing Association (ASBA)
Contact dilijan@asba.am / +37410 - 581604, +37495 - 151719