Royal Classic House

Royal Classic House

The Royal Classic House, is a new residential and business complex that was built by GLG Company, using original architectural and technological solutions. The new construction is situated within 70 meters from the Republic Square, at 3 Buzand Street.

The complex bears the architectural handwriting of professor and architect Narek Sargsyan – the Chief Architect of Armenia, the protector of the Armenian traditional style.

The total surface of "Royal Classic House" Residential and Business Complex is 9000 sq.m. The complex incorporates 9 ground and 2 underground floors, and comprises the residential sector, business center, Penthouse, commercial spaces and underground parking. It is foreseen to install a 6-meter-long platform with green area in front of the complex facade, as well as open-air parking spaces adjacent to the front garden.

The residential sector of the “Royal Classic House” consists of 7 floors starting from the 2nd floor and the Penthouse situated at the 9th floor. A special and serious approach has been taken towards the central entrance foreseen for the residents, where the most important component is the 9 meter reproduction of the painting by a prominent artist of Baroque Era Lorenzo Sabbatini "Acts of the Apostles".

The interior is saturated with imported elements distinctive to the High Art – doors, marble floors, gilded chandeliers, sconces and mirrors. The exterior look and, consequently, the facilities of each of the floors are different. The interiors of the corridors also bear the classical touch of the Baroque Era and are saturated with Armenian classical ornaments produced by the scrupulous work of hammersmith. The height of the ceilings inside the buildings is 3m and 30 cm.

The Penthouse has its special place at the 9th floor of the complex and incorporates 700 sq.m. with the possibility for the swimming pool and French garden. The beautiful view from the Penthouse clearly represents the whole capital from the city center, Mountain Ararat and the Ararat valley.
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