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Residential & Commercial Construction, Industrial & Heavy Civil Construction, Earthworks & Demolition, Mechanical Construction, Specialized Construction Services

High-Rise Construction, Residential Construction, Highway Construction, Asphalting, Earthworks, Demolition, Heavy Construction Equipment Rental

Concrete / Asphalt / Aggregates, Stones / Bricks

  • Asphaltic Concrete
  • Basalt
  • Natural Stone Kerbs

  • Asphaltic Concrete
  • Basalt
  • Natural Stone Kerbs

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The company was founded early in 2006 by Armen Badalyan, CEO and the founder of "AAB Project" LLC. The start up was done by implementation of a small scaled pavement rehabilitation of trenches with only two pieces of equipment - a truck and a roller, rented for the project. In 2008 for the first time the construction of 12 km of rural road was undertaken by the company. New equipment was imported for the project. This pilot project became the base for enlarging the volumes geographically and expanding the variety of activities from only road construction to full range of infrastructure construction including earthworks, crushing and screening , asphalt pavement construction, concrete works, building construction, drainage works, bridges, etc. In 2010 the company expanded to Georgia by launching a branch in Tbilisi. Simultaneously the construction of the first 7 storey residential building was started in 2010. Nowadays AAB Construction has implemented more than 50 large construction projects in all the spheres of its activities both with local and international employers.

AAB Construction has been developing earthwork activities since 2006. The company owns a large equipment fleet. As the company is specialized also in drilling and blasting, we provide maximum volumes of excavation and high quality work in tightest deadlines despite of the volumes of the project. But the technical saturation would be nothing without the technologies that are invested. A proof to this are our soil compactors equipped with GPS intellectual compaction control system with GPS receivers enabling the constant monitoring of embankment quality. The same option is available on our graders and dozers for constant performance of grade control. We implement any type of earthmoving throughout the whole year despite the weather conditions and ready to work 24/7. The result is over 1.000.000 cubic meters of excavation yearly.

Asphalt Pavement

Back in 2006 the company was launched with the implementation of a small scale project of asphalt pavement. At the moment we are producing all the necessary material for pavement ourselves. The company owns stationary asphalt plants, which enables fast and quick mobilization and asphalt production. Skipping long distance transportation and subsequent environmental issues.

Drilling and Blasting

The company provides a full scope of services of drilling and blasting in any sphere the customer requests. Be it a quarry blasting, trench and bulk blasting or blast hole drilling, we provide the best results. Our licensed Safety professionals ensure the detailed analysis of the area where the drilling and blasting should be implemented and introduce all the necessary design and geotechnical reports with the plan of the implementation according to all standards. This provides a flawless operation process avoiding all possible obstacles. Our modern fleet of drilling equipment has all necessary additional technological options for maximum safety and productivity, which results in perfect fragmentation of rock and further easiness of any type of excavation. Our range of drilling activities varies from mines, quarries and construction industry to large earthwork projects and pipeline trenches.

Crushing and Screening

AAB Construction owns a stone quarry in village Aramus and in village Qaraberd , Republic of Armenia, where the major part of aggregate production is implemented. Right here the highest quality cubical shaped basalt crushed stone is produced. The quarry is equipped with the most modern stone crushers with very high productivity —200-300 tone per hour. The crushers are ultra mobile, which makes it extremely easy to implement necessary volumes of works wherever the service is needed. The production can be implemented anywhere any time with 24/7 schedule.

Concrete Artificial Structures

We have an outstanding portfolio of both production and installment of concrete artificial structures. We pay great attention not only to installment, but to the high quality of concrete we produce. Our concrete production team has undertaken operational training course from Liebherr manufacturers and each of them is aware about all technical specifications of the plant. This is another asset to the large advantage stock AAB Construction owns in road construction.





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