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Insulation Materials, Other Products / Materials

  • Plastic Foam / Styrofoam
  • Polystyrene Foam
  • Advertising Panels / Billboards

  • Plastic Foam / Styrofoam
  • Polystyrene Foam
  • Advertising Panels / Billboards

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About Adrasheg
The company Adrasheg was founded in 2001. We offers a full range of services for the production of outdoor advertising, facade decoration with expanded foam, design services, installation services.

In 2005, we acquired a machine for figured cutting foam in 2D and 3D formats of any complexity. Figured cutting foam allows you to make anything you want: facade decoration, advertising signs (logos, large letters), 3D figures, art objects, decorative items for the decoration of weddings and other special events (initials, hearts, numbers, words, etc. ). In addition to the figured cutting, we have moved to our priority services: facade decoration, 3D figures with hard surface. There is no such shapes that we can not cut from expanded plastic or polystyrene. Computer modeling, shape cutting digital machines and professional painting transforms the polystyrene foam in a work of art. Please contact us! We will help make your life more beautiful.
  • Advertising Services
  • Advertising Material Preparation Services
  • Outdoor Advertising Design Services
  • Outdoor Advertising Services
  • Indoor Advertising Services
  • Production of Billboards / Advertising Panels / Signs and Other Advertising Structures
  • Public Transport Advertising Services
  • 3D Models from Styrefoam