Aquaphor Armenia Water Filters

Kristine Hakobyan

Yerevan, 0053, 34 Arshakunyats Ave.
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Mechanical Construction, Specialized Construction Services

Water Treatment

Bathroom / Kitchen / Sanitary Ware / Fixtures, Equipment / Systems For Buildings / Facilities, Water Supply / Sewage / Natural Gas Supply

  • Kitchen Sink Faucets
  • Bathroom / Kitchen Dispensers
  • Industrial Filters
  • Water Treatment Equipment

  • Kitchen Sink Faucets
  • Bathroom / Kitchen Dispensers
  • Industrial Filters
  • Water Treatment Equipment

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About Us
Artuchi LLC was founded in 2011 and is the sole and official representative of Aquaphor Corporation in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Aquaphor, a Russian company founded in 1992 in St. Petersburg, specializes in the development and production of sorbents and water filters.

Assortment of products: filter jugs, filter nozzles for a tap, stationary filters with a separate tap, reverse osmosis systems, softening and deferrization systems, as well as high-performance integrated water treatment systems.
The Aquaboss company, which is part of the Aquaphor holding, has been successfully working in the field of providing water treatment services for more than 20 years. The leading activities of the company Aquaboss - the production, installation and sale of equipment for the preparation of process and drinking water, as well as the provision of advice and technical support to our customers.

The priority tasks of the company are the quality service to our customers, the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of our products, the continuous expansion of the company's activities in the market for these services, as well as the technical growth of production.

Directions in which the company Aquaboss is actively working:

1. sale of filters for the purification of process and drinking water;
2. production of water purifiers;
3. implementation of special and component consumables for filters;
4. maintenance and installation of water treatment equipment;
5. technical support and advice.