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  • Gardening Tools / Equipment
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About Healthy Plants
Healthy Plants was established in 2000, being the first company in Armenia to supply high quality European carnation, rose, gerbera, alstroemeria, anthurium, chrisantem, orchid seedlings, as well as fertilizers, drip irrigation system and other hortus supplies to greenhouse owners.

In the same year Healthy Plants became the exclusive representative of famous Schreurs Holland B.V. (gerbera and rose seedlings) and HilverdaKooij B.V. (carnation, limonium, alstroemeria seedlings) companies in Armenia. In the next two years Healthy Plants has already become the exclusive representative of Deliflor Chrysanten B.V. (chrisantem seedlings), Hortus Supplies International B.V. (fertilizers, drip irrigation systems) and Haifa Chemicals Ltd. (fertilizers) in Armenia. Healthy Plants also represents Schreurs Holland B.V. exclusively in Stavropol and Krasnodar regions of the Russian Federation.

Healthy Plants is the founder of development and cultivation of new flower species. The company was the first to import gerbera, carnation, rose, other flower species and drip irrigation systems to Armenia. Moreover, during 12 years of its operation, the company has provided free consulting services to hundreds of farmers engaged in the greenhouse industry.

Each year Healthy Plants has participated in the largest international Hortifair exhibition (Holland) to implement greenhouse and floriculture innovations in Armenia. The company specialists have continuously visited their foreign partners to participate in experience exchange and international seminars.

Our slogan is "We wish You perfect harvest".
Healthy Plants is the leading wholesale and retail supplier in Armenia of highest quality water soluble fertilizers. The sales of fertilizers are supported by the help to calculate the accurate formulas of fertilizer needs. The company representatives are visiting the clients regularly to follow up and to adjust the formulas if there is a need for that. Healthy Plants is importing fertilizers from 3 main fertilizer producers: Haifa Chemicals, Yara International, K+S Kali GmbH.
Drip Irrigation & Greenhose Accessories
Since 2002, Healthy Plants has been the official representative of Dutch Hortus Supplies International B.V. company, which supplies fertilizers, drip irrigation systems and other greenhouse accessories.
ReduSol is the liquid shading product that you can use for applying a homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects against solar radiation.
Gerbera / Rose Seedlings
Since 2000, Healthy Plants has been the official representative of Dutch Schreurs B.V. company, which produces and supplies gerbera and rose.




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