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Industrial & Heavy Civil Construction, Mechanical Construction, Specialized Construction Services

Sport Facilities Construction, Electrical Work / Indoor, Lighting Systems, Smithery / Metal Art

Industrial & Heavy Civil Design

Sport / Concert Facilities Design

Gates / Doors / Windows / Shutters / Barriers, Metal

  • Metal Gates / Doors
  • Metalwork
  • Other Metal Items

  • Metal Gates / Doors
  • Metalwork
  • Other Metal Items

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About Magnon
Magnon is the only specialized producer of playground and sport ground equipment in Armenia. It has certificate of compliance and quality benchmark. The company is the market leader with its quality.

The flexibility and customized production are the assets of the company which gives the customer the opportunity of purchasing a product according to his/her preferences and taste. The production can be both affordable and luxurious.

Since 1998 the company has already installed more than 300 playgrounds in 10 regions of Armenia, 20 cities and 57 villages.
  • Benches for Public Places (manufacturing)
  • Benches with Canopy for Gardens and Parks (manufacturing)
  • Children's Playground Equipment and Accessories (manufacturing)
  • Fences: Metal, Decorative (manufacturing)
  • Forged Products (manufacturing)
  • Furniture: Children's Room, Metal (manufacturing)
  • Furniture: Dining Room, Metal (manufacturing)
  • Furniture: Forged (manufacturing)
  • Furniture: Kitchen, Metal (manufacturing)
  • Furniture: Metal (manufacturing)
  • Gates: Metal, Decorative (manufacturing)
  • Lighting Columns (manufacturing)
  • Litter-Bins: Metal (manufacturing)
  • Metal Structures for Gardens and Parks (manufacturing)
  • Metal Structures for Winter Gardens (manufacturing)
  • Roofs with Metal Frame (manufacturing)
  • Sandpits with Canopy for Children's Playgrounds (manufacturing)
  • Seesaws for Children's Playgrounds (manufacturing)
  • Slides for Children's Playgrounds (manufacturing)
  • Sports Ground Equipment and Accessories (manufacturing)
  • Summerhouses (Outdoor Pavilions) (manufacturing)
  • Table-Benches for Gardens and Parks (manufacturing)
  • Trusses for Roofs: Metal (manufacturing)