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Water Supply / Sewage / Natural Gas Supply

  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Water Supply
  • Metal-Plastic Composite Pipes / PVC Pipes for Water Supply
  • Polypropylene Pipes for Water Supply
  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Sewage

  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Water Supply
  • Metal-Plastic Composite Pipes / PVC Pipes for Water Supply
  • Polypropylene Pipes for Water Supply
  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Sewage

  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Water Supply
  • Metal-Plastic Composite Pipes / PVC Pipes for Water Supply
  • Polypropylene Pipes for Water Supply
  • Pipes / Pipe Fittings for Sewage

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Local Heating of House
You think of local heating of your house. You do not know what to start with. We will answer all your questions and help you in the installation of the heating system in your apartment, summer residence, house... And what to start with and what is heating system and its installation? Heating system installation consists of a number of phases:

  1. ividual planning of heating system
  2. Calculation and choice of equipments
  3. Boiler installation
  4. Pipe installation
  5. Heating radiator installation
  6. Delivery

Individual planning of heating system demands serious approach, as well as heat and hydraulic calculations. Our specialists will make the necessary calculations and will help to find a solution for even the most difficult technical problems.

The whole work of system planning is carried out in accordance with the existing technical standards. As a result of all this, the customer gets:

  • lan of the heating system
  • a commercial offer for the equipment and installation work

In time of calculation and choice of equipments the specialist together with the customer discuss all the nuances connected with the equipment and installation work. The continuous running of the system depends on the correct choice and installation of the boiler.
Installation of Metal Plastic Pipelines
Today pipes made from polymer materials or with their usage are successfully applied in heating systems, as well as hot and cold water supply. In the modern market of engineering equipment, metal plastic pipes enter into competition with the product mentioned above.

One of the most important characteristics of metal plastic pipes is their processibility during installation. They easily bend, they do not demand exact fitting of the linear sized, and without any help of additional tools they preserve the form given to them by the installer.

The peculiarity of a metal plastic pipe conditions the necessity to treat it carefully and strictly observe installation technologies.

For the installation of single-layered pressure pipes PPR, PE and metal plastic pipes PPR-AL-PEX, it is necessary to follow the exact procedure and make use of appropriate instruments. NewPlast Company offers a pipe cutter, calibrator and welding machine. The quality of pipe connection depends on how strictly orthogonally to the pipe axis the cutting is made. The pipe cutter is used exactly for making an accurate cutting. Polypropylene pipes are harder than the polyethylene ones, and the systems from them are constructed with the help of fittings: angle bars, breechings, etc. These systems are non-detachable. The application of polypropylene and polyethylene pipes reduces the installation time for 2-4 times, as well as decreases the cost value of the pipeline for 30% in comparison with the metal plastic one.

Pipeline installation is carried out by means of diffusive connection under exposure to a high temperature which makes it possible to create an absolutely firm homogeneous connection. The welding process does not require much time and consists of only three actions: cutting, heating, connecting. Moreover, the exploitation of the connection may start immediately after welding. The reliability of welding connections is much higher when compared to other types of connection.
  • Metal-Plastic Pipes
    1. PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pressure Pipes
    2. PE-AL-PE Composite Pressure Pipe
    3. Compression fittings
    4. Press fittings
  • Drain, waste, vent PVC Pipes
    1. PVC 50 pipe
    2. PVC 110 pipe
    3. Solvent Cement PVC Pipes 110
    4. Solvent Cement PVC pipe 50
    5. PVC ring seal fittings
    6. PVC solvent cement fittings
    7. Superficial drainage systems from PVC
  • Pressure pipes for hot and cold water
    1. Polypropylene pressure pipes
    2. Welding fittings for PPR Pressure Pipes
    3. Polyethylene pressure Pipes
    4. Welding fittings for PE Pressure pipes
    5. Polyvinylchloride Pressure Pipes
    6. Solvent cement fittings for PVC Pressure Pipes
    7. Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) Pressure Pipes
    8. Polypropylene of raised temperature (PE-RT) Pressure Pipes
    9. PP Compression fitting for Pressure Pipes
  • Hose pipes
    1. Textile reinforced hoses
    2. Layer Hoses
  • Conduit systems for cable management
    1. PVC smooth pipe for electrical mounting
    2. PVC corrugated pipe
    3. Fittings for wiring pipes
  • Erecting work
    1. Boilers and heaters
    2. Heater accessories
  • Tools for erecting work
    1. Pipe cutters