The Abandoned Plant in Dilijan will be Reconstructed into ALLUR Residential Complex

#armenia #architecture #design #dilijan

Many Soviet-era factories and plants remained abandoned after the collapse of the State. Recently, there is a tendency to modernize, reinterpret and "revive" these buildings with a new format and a new meaning. With this approach, the former bakery o...

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The New Tumo Centre in Yerevan

#armenia #construction #architecture #education

An Engineering and Applied Science Facility will be built in Tumanyan Park, home to the Yerevan Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. The complex, co-financed by the European Union and worth 25 million euros, was first announced in 2019. The new Tum...

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Toon Expo 2023 Vol. 2

#expo #exhibition #toonexpo #construction #armenia

TOON EXPO 2023 VOL 2, the BIGGEST international real estate and development exhibition in Armenia, already the 2nd year.

Participants will present themselves with special offers for visitors and special terms of B2B cooperation for participa...

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The Nature Warns Again

#armenia #construction #earthquake #development

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On February 6, at 05:17 Yerevan time, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8 (M 7.8) hit the Gaziantep province of Turkey. About 9 hours later, 100 km north of it, another powerful M 7.5 earthquake hit ...

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Forestbridge: Urban Environment in Dilijan Forests

#armenia #dilijan #architecture #development

"Forestbridge"- residential and mixed-use development is planned to be built in a forested area adjacent to the Best Western Hotel in Dilijan. The author of the project is Archangel architectural studio.

The construction of the building is p...

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