Children's Railway will Be Renovated without Losing its Features

#armenia #architecture #heritage #yerevan

Yerevan Children's Railway will not lose its architectural and cultural values. This is not a presumption, but a statement made by the Municipality of Yerevan.

We were somewhat worried about the proposal to build a parking and a fitness cent...

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Goris: The Attractive Tourist Center in Armenia

#armenia #goris #construction #architecture

The historical center of Goris is being restored within the framework of Local economy and infrastructure development program, co-financed by the Government of Armenia and with the help of World Bank loan. The project singled out 36 monuments and ...

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Combination of Architectural Styles

#yerevan #construction #architecture #development

It is already many years, that Parametricism, which is an algorithmic architecture, has become very popular worldwide. This style, which is a product of the digital age, has its pros and cons, and due to its advantages, attracts more and more people ...

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Demolition and Reconstruction: Is it Preservation?

#yerevan #construction #architecture #heritage

Build and destroy, destroy and build, and again destroy, or ... as the comedians from YMU used to say, “What are we doing? Correct, we are piddling”. No, it’s not a joke … 16 years later, it turned out that there was no need of demolishing th...

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To Restore Historical Monuments Preserving Their Initial Spirit

#armenia #historical #construction #architecture

Although Armenia occupies relatively small territory, there are about 26000 cultural and historical monuments located there. That is, about 1 square kilometer accounts for one historical monument, and this is a great opportunity for development of...

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