Sevyan Center of Culture Will Get A New Breath in Its Old Style

#armenia #architecture #culture #gyumri

The building of Leninakan railroaders’ Palace of Culture, which was later renamed to Sevyan Cultural Center, was built in 1926 and started to function in 1929. After the earthquake in 1988 this unique building with its exclusive style, original and...

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Cascade is Waiting

#yerevan #construction #architecture #development

Climbing up the stairs of Yerevan Cascade is an interesting and pleasant challenge, the reward of which is the opportunity to admire the beautiful view of the city from the great height. Yet, after the fourth platform of Cascade the white travertine ...

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New Education and Sports Complex in Yerevan

#armenia #construction #architecture #yerevan

In February 2016 the construction of new educational and sports complex began in administrative district Avan on Tsarav Aghbyur street in Yerevan. This project is developed by Gazprom Armenia within the framework of the large-scale project “Gazprom...

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Hostility and Revenge: I Tasted Both. Artur Meschyan Summarizes 100 Days of His Tenure

#armenia #yerevan #architecture #newdevelopments

During these one hundred days, 4,200 town planning works were studied, 300 projects were approved, 170 building permits were issued, and 22 demolishing decisions were made. These are the figures published by the chief architect of Yerevan. That was a...

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The COAF Smart Center – Architecture Integrated to Nature

#armenia #architecture #green #construction

Client: COAF (Children of Armenia Fund)
Location: Armenia – Lori Province
Built-up Area: 5000 m2
Date of completion: 2018

Team Leader: ...

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