The Chief Architect of the City Assures

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The year 2018 was full of events not only in the political and legislative sphere, but also in the field of urban planning. The city of Yerevan celebrated its 2800th anniversary, as well as the appointment of Arthur Meschian to the post of the chief ...

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30 Years After the Earthquake

#armenia #gyumri #spitak #earthquake

After the earthquake in 1988 in the disaster zone some disorderly housing was formed. Over these 30 years, thousands of families left without shelter have received housing thanks to public and private investments. And yet the number of wagons for tem...

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New Birth of Garden and Park Complexes

#armenia #construction #newdevelopment #yerevan

This year, the city of Yerevan celebrated its 2800th anniversary, a holiday, which brings pride to every citizen of our capital. But what holiday without a nice gift? The park dedicated to 2800th anniversary of Yerevan became such a gift for our city...

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Old Housing Fund of Armenia: Unsafe Buildings

#armenia #construction #housing #yerevan

About 90% of multifamily buildings of Armenia were built in Soviet-era. Most of them are already 50 years old. Some buildings were affected by 1988 earthquake, others became dilapidated for time reasons. Besides, at Soviet times, the buildings were d...

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Old Dilijan as a Tourist Innovation Center

#armenia #dilijan #tourism #newdevelopment

Tourist Information Center is founded in Dilijan Central Park․ It is built by IDeA foundation within the framework of regional development program “Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative” co-financed by the European Union and t...

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