Friendship Park in Gyumri is Being Reconstructed

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The famous park, which has been neglected for more than 30 years after the devastating Spitak earthquake in 1988, is being reconstructed on the initiative of the Tourism and Urban Development Charitable Foundation (TUF). When developing the desig...

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Eco Techno District in Gyumri

#armenia #architecture #heritage #gyumri

Eco Techno District in Gyumri Recently, more and more investment programs are becoming popular in Gyumri, the second largest city and cultural center of our republic. According to the Facebook page of the Gyumri municipality, an eco-district will ...

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A New Sports Complex in Gyumri Named After Arthur Alexanyan

#armenia #construction #gyumri #sports

A new sports complex will be built in Gyumri, the “sport city” of Armenia, where, as the people of Gyumri like to joke: “the sport is a lifestyle, and becoming a champion is something like a flu infection". The sports complex will be the bigges...

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Sevyan Center of Culture Will Get A New Breath in Its Old Style

#armenia #architecture #culture #gyumri

The building of Leninakan railroaders’ Palace of Culture, which was later renamed to Sevyan Cultural Center, was built in 1926 and started to function in 1929. After the earthquake in 1988 this unique building with its exclusive style, original and...

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30 Years After the Earthquake

#armenia #gyumri #spitak #earthquake

After the earthquake in 1988 in the disaster zone some disorderly housing was formed. Over these 30 years, thousands of families left without shelter have received housing thanks to public and private investments. And yet the number of wagons for tem...

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