COAF SMART Centre Will Open Its Doors in May 2018

COAF SMART Centre Will Open Its Doors in May 2018

The three-wing building of COAF SMART Center was built in the picturesque nature between Debet and Dsegh villages of Lori Province, with funding from the Children of Armenia Foundation (COAF). This impressive structure with its transparent architecture penetrated into a nature is unique for Armenia. The architect is the Lebanese Armenian Paul Kalustian.

The COAF SMART Center with floor area 2230 square meters is mainly glazed which is especially important for rural children to be all time connected with nature and always feel freedom.

The Center’s goal is to offer alternative education to residents of Lori Province without any age limits.

The innovative wing of the training center will consist of robotics room, an art center, a medical education room which will have all the necessary equipment for the first medical aid.

The digital library will provide an opportunity to use mainly e-books, although there will also be printed options.

The center will also have a computer room teaching coding, programming, graphic design and animation technics. There will also be English language programs for both children and adults.

Various educational programs in the field of agriculture and entrepreneurship are planned mainly for adults.

There will be a dance and art studios with all necessary equipment and furniture and locker rooms for children on the underground floor. The building meets all requirements of people with disabilities.

According to the project, the construction works will continue on adjacent territory, because the final goal is to build the COAFSMART village, which will cover an area more than 80,000 square meters.

The village will be a dynamically developing and growing project with many additional facilities for sports, housing and camping.

An accommodation for invited experts was also built, but the main staff will be recruited from local region organizing various supporting training courses for them.

The construction of the center COAF SMART, which started in 2015, has been fully completed. Now the building is in the phase of furnishing. The official opening of the educational center is planned in May, 2018.