Tumo:  New Centers Propagating the Idea of Digital Century

Tumo: New Centers Propagating the Idea of Digital Century

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies aims to make available creative technology trainings for as many young people in Armenia as possible, so that anyone who is fond of learning can attend the nearest Tumo center. Very soon some new centers will open in Koghb, Masis and Gyumri. Head of Tumo Communication Division Lilit Tovmasyan reveals the main requirements that Tumo staff presents to the architects cooperating with the company, «It is very important for us, that the area reflects all 4 components of the Tumo educational model: transparency, selectiveness, flexibility, availability. The building should have very large corridors and halls, high ceilings. The classrooms in Tumo centers are mostly glazed, so that the young people while learning could see what their friends are doing in another classroom. And if they are still self-studying, they will see that other young people taking part in the training, and they will become motivated. »

The famous Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury is the one who best understands Tumo's requirements and mission. He is well-known for his modernistic projects and the rich experience in reconstruction of historic buildings. He designed the interior of the very first building of Tumo Yerevan in 2011. And now the centers in Koghb, Masis and Gyumri are being built. As Bernard Khoury said in one of his interviews, «We do not follow the recognizable aesthetic. Tumo is first of all an idea, a spirit that should be kept wherever we move, regardless of building or location. »

Tumo center in village Koghb in Tavush province is for 600-1000 people. The young people will be able to attend the center from Koghb, Noyemberyan, Berdavan and other nearby settlements. The center will have hi-tech classrooms, training stations, recording studio, cinema and a large stadium. The Tumo center in Masis is designed for 1000 people. It will be located near the North-South highway for convenience of teenagers arriving from Armavir province.

The third building that is being built (or better to say, reconstructed) by Bernard Khoury’s design, is the building of the first theater in Gyumri. This exceptional building-monument included in «Kumayri» historical and cultural reserve is in emergency state and needs serious reconstruction. Tumo in Gyumri now functions in Technopark, but as soon as the building is ready, it will move to new location.

The construction of engineering and applied sciences complex in collaboration with European Union and Tumo will start in spring 2020 and is planned to complete the next 2-3 years. 15.000 m2 area adjacent to Tumo was allocated for the new building in Yerevan, and there it is planned to build a 25,000 square meter complex (total). An international tender has been announced for the architectural design of the future complex. The jury is led by Hashim Sarkis, the Dean of the Architecture and Design Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Coordinator of the Venice Biennale in 2020. Three giants of architecture have already been selected: RCR Arquitectes, BIG and MVRDV. One of them will be selected in September and will design the EU Tumo complex.