The Third Attempt of Reconstruction

The Third Attempt of Reconstruction

The State Urban Development Committee announced an international open architectural and urban planning tender for reconstruction of Kond district in Yerevan. It was proposed to organize a professional working group, which will include architects, urban planners, economists, sociologists, lawyers, representatives of public relations and mass media (including journalists), artists, sculptors, ethnographers, historians, non-governmental organizations, as well as active and responsive residents of Kond and other interested or competent people who can help with the implementation of the project with their advice. Of course, listening to the opinions of all interested parties is not bad, especially for experts, but the opinion of residents of Kond is also important. And, of course, one of the priorities to be the issue of providing residents of Kond with housing on site.

Since Kond is the historical district of Yerevan, it is necessary to carry out excavations and launch research before the start of the tender, and meanwhile, research and excavation can take many years. A result of similar rush has been the Youth Palace and Ferdowsi Street, the fate of which is still unclear.

Of course, it would be highly desirable that the Kond reconstruction project fully reflects the atmosphere of Armenian architecture with 2-3 story buildings. That does not mean, that we are against the creation of trade and entertainment centers. We simply propose that all these structures should be designed in the spirit and according to the rules of Armenian architecture of this era. For revitalizing the district it is proposed to include the following plan in the conceptual draft: organization of access to all entrances to the area, development of an information system aimed at facilitating communication within the area, specialized cafe, visitor information center, workshops, studios, work areas, media center, gift shops and exhibition halls, open air and indoor venues for events, shops, guest houses, catering establishments, public baths and premises for temporary accommodation of the guests.

Meanwhile the tender for reconstruction of Kond district of Yerevan was announced twice many years ago. Along the perimeter of the rectangular garden, it was planned to restore the surviving 2-3-storey old buildings, to use Armenian cuisine for restaurants, cafe, tea houses, attractions, games (including national ones), art clubs, etc. In the park, artists could paint and exhibit their paintings. It could be like Armenian Montmartre. However, this project was also cancelled, and the announced tender is the third attempt.

Let’s hope that this attempt will be successful and finally we will get reconstructed, renewed and renovated face of one of the Yerevan’s old district – Kond.