Dili Town: Combination of Leisure and Business

Dili Town: Combination of Leisure and Business

In the quietest and sunniest part of Dilijan, a complex of cottages was built with modern architectural solutions and according to modern construction standards. The attractive feature of the complex is, that you can live and relax in a cottage, as well as rent it out through Dili Town Resort and Spa, at an interest rate of 70/30, 70% of which will be yours. All the cottages have a patio and a garage. Owners and guests on preferential terms will be able to use the services of the Dili Town Resort and Spa hotel complex: swimming pool, sauna, gym, restaurant, laundry, etc.

Because the whole initiative was quite attractive, the cottages are already sold out. But since there are many people who want to become business partners of Dili Town, investors also took up the construction of an apartment building, which will be put into operation as a hotel.

> Hotel suites, like the cottages, are offered with interior decoration and full furniture with the same percentage ratio of 70/30. 30% of the amount must be paid first, and the rest of the sum is distributed in parallel with the construction process in the form of equal monthly payments, without any additional fees and interest.

In the middle of the cottages and the residential building, Dili Town Resort and Spa complex will be built with an outdoor pool, a conference hall, children's playground, a restaurant and cafe, as well as an indoor pool, Finnish and Russian bathhouses and sauna.

The architectural solution of the exterior of Dili Town is implemented in accordance with the architecture of Dilijan. Both Dili Town Resort and Spa Complex cottages and the residential building have suspended wooden balconies typical for Dilijan. The interior of the cottages and the building is decorated with natural plants. The residential building - hotel is planned to be put into operation in 2023.