The New Tumo Centre in Yerevan

The New Tumo Centre in Yerevan

An Engineering and Applied Science Facility will be built in Tumanyan Park, home to the Yerevan Tumo Center for Creative Technologies. The complex, co-financed by the European Union and worth 25 million euros, was first announced in 2019. The new Tumo Complex will become the STEM ecosystem in Yerevan (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Among 67 architectural companies from 24 countries participating in the design competition, the Netherlands-based MVRDV architectural studio was selected as the winner. According to the jury, TUMO chose MVRDV's design "because, as a firm, it created a hub for collaboration and also demonstrated a deep understanding of the center's programs and vision, in addition to the urban context in which the site is located".

MVRDV presented it as a horizontal skyscraper (MVRDV's project name is EU TUMO Convergence Center). It will be a 6-story and 200 meters long building on the edge of Hrazdan river gorge. The designers describe their project as "A monolithic rectilinear bar cantilevers over steep slopes on each end. Large windows at each end direct views toward the Hrazdan river gorge to the north and Mount Ararat (the biblical resting place of Noah's Ark) to the south. Inside, the structure forms a large, hangar-like space with its landscape of lightweight modular boxes housing most of the building's program. A translucent polycarbonate façade helps to light the large space, and gives the building a gentle glow at night."

The center will have three complementary components: educational and research programs, conference and exhibition halls, and work and commercial spaces. It will also have conference halls, event platforms, coworking, and study spaces for both individuals and organizations. Cafes, restaurants, gyms, shops, and other commercial areas will operate on the first floor.

The construction of the complex is expected to start this year.