29/14 Leningradyan, Gevmik

29/14 Leningradyan, Gevmik

GEVMIK presents to you, multifunctional 16-storey monolithic building complex. The address is Yerevan, Leningradyan street 29/14. The building consists of.

• 1-bedroom quarters: 50-68 sq.m.
• 2- bedroom quarters: 71-87 sq.m.

There is a children's playground and a rest area and also an underground parking in the building.
Construction started in April 2022 and is planned to finish in December 2024.

Apartments will be handed with plastered and divided internal walls. The exterior walls are double-layered with a thermal insulation layer in the middle. The windows are euro, dark in color, and the exterior doors are high quality metal doors.

The apartments can be purchased with the law on income tax refund.
Price Upon Request
Developer Gevmik
Contact gev-mik@mail.ru / (37494) - 577544