Building Capital, Barekamutyun Business Center

Building Capital, Barekamutyun Business Center

Barekamutyun business center was established in 2016 by a construction company of 20 years of experience in the field.
Located at the beginning of Hrachya Kochar one of the busiest streets of Yerevan, it creates all the necessary conditions of the development and progress for business.

Building features:

  • High and wide display windows from ground to ceiling on both floors, façade 35 m
  • 3.3 meters of height of ceiling on 0 floor and 3 meters on the 1st and 2nd floors
  • Total space of 0 floor -450 sq.m
  • Total Space of 1st floor -1050 sq.m
  • The minimum area of each trade area is 72 square meters

  • Other Advantages:

  • Barekamutyun metro is the first and last station of Yerevan metro chain
  • The distance from metro exit is ten meters
  • Barekamutyun square is in the transport artery of Yerevan city
  • Total number of transports crossing Barekamutyun square – 45
  • Transports crossing Barekamutyun square with direction to closest regions of Armenia – 11
  • Nearby located banks, post office, telecommunication offices, expo center, educational institutions etc.
  • Daily flow of people in Barekamutyun Business Center –1000
  • Price Upon Request
    Developer Building Capital
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