320 Defanse Housing Residential Complex

320 Defanse Housing Residential Complex

"Defanse Housing Invest" CJSC presents a new "Defanse" residential district, unprecedented in the region, with a total area of 140 hectares.

The company is the only eco developer in Armenia. About 75% of the area of the residential district will be occupied by green areas (20 hectares) and 7 hectares of water basins, fountains.

The district is located next to the North-South highway, in the upper part of Tichina street, thus, provides access to the central parts of the city in just 10-15 minutes. A high-speed road to Etchmiadzin / Armavir is planned along the southern border, which can become a high-speed road to the airport in parallel with state urban development programs.

"Defanse Housing" attaches great importance to the development of education and healthcare. In this context, the project includes a high-quality sports complex, medical centers, as well as several schools and kindergartens, with the best qualified specialists from Armenia and abroad.

In order to ensure the comfortable daily life of the residents, there will be a large number of supermarkets, cinemas, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment places in the district.

Due to its convenient location (1000 m above sea level), the residential district provides a mild climate, as well as the visibility of the 4 main peaks of the Armenian Highlands (Ara, Geghama, Ararat, Aragats).

The project consists of 3 Phases:
• Phase 1: Construction of 63 multi-apartment residential buildings on an area of 43 hectares with its complete infrastructure, construction of a park.
Phase 2: Expansion of a residential district: Construction of a second residential area, construction of a sports complex and a shopping center.
Phase 3: Construction of a business center and a hospital.
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Price Start from 750 USD
Developer Defanse Housing Invest
Contact info@defansehousing.com / (37495) - 020020, (37495) - 040040