World's Most Expensive Penthouse Will be Built In Monaco

World's Most Expensive Penthouse Will be Built In Monaco

Monaco, a luxurious Mediterranean city-state renowned for being home to some of the world's wealthiest moguls, will soon boast the world's most expensive penthouse, a residence expected to fetch US$ 387 million when it goes on the market next year. The world's current most expensive penthouse is a US$ 222 million flat in London's One Hyde Park.

The penthouse will be housed inside Monaco's tallest building, Tour Odeon, a double-skyscraper standing 170 meters tall. Tour Odeon is due to be completed in July 2014 and will feature 259 units, including 73 private luxury residencies, two 1,200-square meter Sky Duplexes and the five-floor, 3,300-square meter Sky Penthouse. Excavation and demolition work on Tour Odeon began in December 2009. Upon completion it will be the second-tallest tower on the Mediterranean coastline, trailing only the 186-meter Gran Hotel Bali in Spain.

The architect of project is Alexander Giraldi. European design agency Alberto Pinto has been tasked with creating interiors that exude "exceptional elegance and comfort," while architect Jean Mus has been chosen to complete the landscape.

One of the Tour Odeon penthouse's most talked about features is its spacious outdoor area and private circular infinity pool that can be entered via a water slide. The five-storey penthouse features interiors inspired by the French Belle Epoque era, which is captured in the stenciled floors, marble, slate and earthy color palette that reflects the surrounding landscape of the Liguria Sea.

Practical while still exuding elegance, the penthouse features top-notch fittings and finishes. Advanced appliances have been installed in the fully equipped bathroom and kitchen and the entire penthouse offers a centralized home automation system. Sculpturally-inspired light fittings hang in formal areas and throughout the penthouse's private lobby while 360-degree views of the south of France just add to the incredible opulence of the space.

It is not only Tour Odeon's penthouse that will benefit from panoramic views, as each apartment throughout the building features floor to ceiling windows and expansive private terraces. Natural light is abundant and the interiors have a timeless and elegant feel. Pools are a prominent feature throughout the structure with Tour Odeon offering an extensive wellness centre, a hammam (Turkish bath), Russian bath, private spa suites and multiple pool options. Encouraging an entrepreneurial lifestyle, the building will include a state-of-the-art business centre, which will serve as professional space for residents who opt to work from home. Each apartment features an integrated touch screen that can be used to organize housekeeping, dry cleaning, valet and car washing service while a full-time concierge, private chauffeured limousines and a cinema are also on offer.