Frank Gehry To Design Facebook's London And Dublin Headquarters

Frank Gehry To Design Facebook's London And Dublin Headquarters

Facebook's new headquarters for London and Dublin will receive the same treatment as the company's Silicon Valley campus with designs by architect Frank Gehry. The London office will take over three floors of a preexisting office space in Regents Park, giving Gehry the opportunity to redesign a renovation, while Facebook's Dublin office will be built from scratch in iconic Gehry style - both inside and out.

The social media giant first linked up with Gehry last year, when they commissioned the architect to redesign their Menlo Park campus, an expansion that doubled the employee capacity. Now they have commissioned Gehry to help out with the two UK offices as the company continues to expand.

Having outgrown its Covent Garden office, Facebook will have 86 thousand new offices at 10 Brock Street, an address familiar to social media as Twitter is also a tenant. The three floors will provide space for twice as many employees as the Covent Garden address, and may make some Twitter executives a little uncomfortable!

Dublin employees will relocate to a new building designed by Gehry on Grand Canal Square, which will provide working space for thousand employees at an enormous 11 thousand square meters facility.

While the project is still in the works and designs have not been started, it seems the Facebook/Frank Gehry partnership is going strong.