Dubai To Build Smart Residential City For Emirates

Dubai To Build Smart Residential City For Emirates

It was revealed, that the Dubai Municipality will build a sustainable residential city for Emirate residents, powered by solar energy.
The future for Dubai seems bright and eco-friendly as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai ruler and the UAE's Vice President and Prime Minister, was briefed on the new residential project, 'Dubai Smart Sustainable City'.

The project will be built close by to the Al Aweer Roundabout in Dubai and accommodate around 160,000 people over a total area of 5660 hectares.

The city will be "completely sustainable" according to Dawood Al Hajeri, manager of planning and engineering sector department. It will produce 200 megawatts from solar panels covering the roofs of residential units and other buildings in its area.

The city will recycle over 40,000 cubic meters of water, and that it will be fully sustainable and self-supporting in terms of its resources, transport and most importantly its energy.

The work on the 'Dubai Smart Sustainable City' will start immediately and is expected to finish by Dubai's expo time of 2020.