New Ropeway is to Build in Armenian Lori Region

New Ropeway is to Build in Armenian Lori Region

One of the preferred sectors for developing Lori region’s economy is the tourism. According to the regional administration the number of guests who visited the region in 2017 compared with 2016 doubled, reaching 200,000 people. This year it is planned to start several new projects that will have a serious impact on tourism development of Lori. In particular, new ropeways will be built in the regional community of Shahumyan, at the foot of Mount Maymekh.

According to this project, the ropeways will have 4 directions with capacity up to 2,000 passengers. The average speed of the cable cars will be about twice as fast as the speed of Tatever ropeway.

The longest in the region - 8 km ski track also planned to be build. This track designed for skiers, snowboarders, and for sledding, too. The Shahumyan community was chosen for this project because Vanadzor itself is unfavorable for winter recreation activities and winter here is about 45 days shorter than in Shahumyan.

Currently, design and estimation works are being carried out by Canadian specialists of Armenian origin. For the project implementation 50 million US dollars of private investment should be attracted.

The project to be more holistic it is planned also to further develop tourism infrastructure of the city including new hotels, cafes and other needed facilities.

Additionally, for more attractiveness, the City Council plan to offer guests with free transportation to Mount Maymekh ropeways and back to Vanadzor.

As soon as design papers are ready, construction works will start immediately. The first stage of the construction will last 9-12 months.