A Unique Park in the Center of Yerevan

A Unique Park in the Center of Yerevan

Landscaping of the cities not only raises the aesthetic indicator, but also helps to solve a number of essential tasks. Due to landscaping the microclimate and the health conditions of the city are improved, particularly, the temperature falls, decreases the speed of the wind, significantly changes the humidity of the air, as the green plantations detain dust and have the ability to absorb toxic gases, which creates more comfortable living environment. Landscaping of urban areas is made taking into account their geographical location, climatic conditions and the structure of urban planning. This approach to city planning has been used since time immemorial. Even in the great pages of our history, there are many examples where authorities planted forests, built nature reserves, city gardens, many of which exist till now. Our capital was designed using the same approach. Taking into consideration that climate in Yerevan is semi-arid, great importance was given to the landscaping of the city during the development of the master plan.

Having a capital drowned in greenery decades ago, today we are faced with the fact that society is fighting for even the smallest green space. Since the independence of Armenia, the number of recreational zones in Yerevan has been decreasing every year. Perhaps in 90-s this action was inevitable and justified, but this practice was not cancelled, moreover, it improved, turning into business. That is why the city loses its "green lungs". The wave of business did not care even for historical and cultural complex Dalma gardens, which reached to us from the time of the ancient Van kingdom. But as they say, the error is good for its correction. And such a correction was the project of reconstruction of the park behind the statue to Myasnikyan. It should be noted, that on December 26, 2017, the Vardanyan Family Foundation presented a plan for the reconstruction of the park dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan which was unanimously adopted at the meeting of the Council of Elders. In the course of construction works the trees were cut, which caused bewilderment of the townsfolk. As a result, the Yerevan Municipality provided explanations on the matter, “We would like to remind, that in February this year we already reported that in the framework of the construction works in the park located between Beirut and Italy streets of the city, only dry and old trees were cut down. We also reported that in the course of the works it is planned to plant fourfold more new trees in the park.” As an answer to perplexity of the townsfolk the "Vardanyan Family" charitable foundation replied that 48 healthy trees were planted along the perimeter of the park.

And how will look the new park of our capital? According to the project the number of the trees will increase fourfold, and the green space will double. In the comfortable park there will be more than 60 types of exotic trees from other countries fully meeting our climatic conditions.

The park will be fully paved with seven-colored granite slabs creating in the plan ornaments of Armenian carpet art. The park will be decorated with modern benches and bronze statues on the themes of ancient Urartu. Besides that, the park zone will be equipped with a modern lighting system. But one of the most graceful decisions was the construction of a large fountain complex, in the central part of which it is planned to install symbols of 12 administrative districts of Yerevan made from onyx. It is planned also to build a fountain square of granite slabs, on which the map of the capital will be located. The construction of the fountain complex is carried out by the Russian company VODALUX.

In addition to the park improvement works, the "Vardanyan Family" charitable foundation also expressed his willingness in the future to carry out the engineering and technical maintenance of the fountains in the park at its own expense, in case of equipment failure - repair and replacement, as well as replacement of the worn tiles and gardening. The next important, long-awaited and very rare decision is that the park is not rented by the foundation but continues to belong to the community. The fund put only one condition: in the park zone within 99 years any kind of entrepreneurial activity should be banned and it should serve only as a rest zone for Yerevan residents. Thus the Fund tried to prevent the "appetite" of entrepreneurs to turn the park into any business. The project is a gift from the charitable foundation «Vardanyan family» for the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan. Studying the project and following the explanations and promises of the fund, the residents of Yerevan look forward to the opening of the new park. We hope, that someday the words of Linch about our capital will become true again.

«The landscape from the higher level in the north, from where you drive to Erivan, produces an impression that is never forgotten. The entire Ararat massif is seen from top to bottom, but poplars are so high, and so magnificent are the numerous varieties of fruit trees, that the tops of mosques and the churches and the entire city scattered to your feet is drowned in their green leaves.”