3/1 Northern Ray, Arabkir

3/1 Northern Ray, Arabkir

Faith Bilt Construction presents a project of an apartment building, located at 3/1 Arabkir 21st Street, Arabkir Administrative District, Yerevan.

The building has a green area. Solar panels are designed on side panels.

The building has 3 underground, 1 public, 16 above-ground residential and 1 technical floors. 62 parking lots with a height of 3.30 m are planned on 3 underground floors. There are public areas on the 1st floor. 68 apartments are planned on 2-17 floors.

The floors of the parking lots are insulated from each other by a fire gate, which closes in case of fire. Stairs and doors on all floors are designed in accordance with fire regulations. Evacuation exits are organized from all floors.

Entrances to public areas, parking lots and residential areas are separated. All the doors leading to the stairs from the apartments have a self-closing system.

Exterior doors, windows, stained glass are made of aluminum profiles.

The building is made of monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The exterior walls are lined with 3D panels, the exterior is insulated with modern materials and travertine tiles.

Facing tiles are assembled on a metal system attached to the walls.There are also open balconies with access to the terraces from the apartments on the upper floors.
Price Upon request
Developer Faith Built Construction
Contact faithbuiltestate@gmail.com / (37443) - 033535, (37499) - 033535