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Residential & Commercial Design, Interior & Furniture Design, Construction Cost & Scope Estimation, Property Measurements

High-Rise Building Design, Residential Building Design, Commercial Building Design, Dwelling House / Mansion Design, Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Industrial Interior Design, Construction Budgeting, Scope of Work Calculation

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Autodesk Authorized Training Centers in Vanadzor and Yerevan

Ardesk, being a member of ICN Group and the official Armenian representative of Autodesk, after operating in Armenia for 2 years finally opens the doors of the Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC) in Vanadzor and Yerevan. During the last 23 years, ICN_Group, by operating Autodesk training centers, has gained valuable and meaningful experience in the Netherlands and in other European countries. Being responsible for the professional growth of a number of organizations, including the precious experience of training more than 30,000 individuals, the training center has gained a solid trust. Thus, ICN is one of the leading organizations with a vision to contribute to the development of individuals and organizations. Based on this trust, the two authorized training centers operating in Armenia are ready to share their 23 years of experience with individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow rapidly as an architect, structural engineer, BIM project manager, designer or mechanical engineer. If you are eager to gain both basic and advanced knowledge of Autodesk software, REGISTER on MyBIM webpage by choosing the course which matches your professional preferences the most:

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Ardesk is the official representative and reseller of the company Autodesk in Armenia. Autodesk creates a software system for people, who build, create, being a leader and competitive in this field. Ardesk gives you the opportunity to be part of a global, expanding market without limiting the growth and provides you with advice and support in choosing the most appropriate use case for both software and training programs, a secure, virus-free and reliable working platform, ensuring the correct BIM knowledge, European standardization, a cooperating business partner, the opportunity to retrain and receive a certificate in the Autodesk. For all the time we have been working in the Armenian market, we have proved that we can expand our borders by taking a step towards the legal software of Autodesk. The first step was taken by "Kamurjshin", "AS-project" LLC, "JI project" LLC, "Habshin Project" LLC and "Promax 3D". These companies have realized that the right investments create a more favorable future in business. We like to think with you to see the growth path of your company. Stay one step ahead of your competitors under the right guidance of Ardesk.
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