L and S Company

Sos Khachatryan

Ararat Province, Masis, 0802, 22, 1st St.
(37477) - 766688, (37477) - 766677

Residential & Commercial Design, Industrial & Heavy Civil Design, Structural Design, Mechanical & Specialized Construction Design, Engineering Survey, Construction Supervision, Construction Project Management / Construction Engineering, Construction Cost & Scope Estimation, Property Measurements

High-Rise Building Design, Residential Building Design, Commercial Building Design, Dwelling House / Mansion Design, Reinforcing / Rebuilding / Remodeling Design, Urban Planning, Industrial Building / Facility Design, High-Rise Building Structural Design, Residential / Commercial Building Structural Design, Industrial / Heavy Civil Facilities Structural Design, Reinforced Concrete Structures Design, Metal Structures Design, Project Special Sections Design, Technical Supervision, Design Documentation Examination, Construction Project Management, Construction Engineering / General Contractor Responsibility, Design Engineering / General Designer Responsibility, Construction Budgeting, Scope of Work Calculation, Property / Site Measurements

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