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Industrial / Commercial Modular Construction, Residential Modular Construction, Steel Building Construction, Stone Facing, Aluminum Composite Panel Facing, Other Facing Works

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MAVENT FACADE SYSTEMS is the №1company producing ventilated facade systems in Armenia.

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MAVENT FACADE SYSTEMS is the №1company producing ventilated facade systems in Armenia.
MAVENT FACADE SYSTEMS is a company producing ventilated facade systems, which has more than 20 years of experience. Many years of experience, as well as the work done, prove the high technical and quality indicators of MAVENT FACADE SYSTEMS aluminum constructions. Our company carries out the complete cycle of production of aluminum constructions of ventilated facade systems in Armenia.

We provide the following services:

1. Geodesy and measurement
2. Design of the facade system
3. Production
4. Installation of facades
5. Boss installation
6. Author control
The advantages of MAVENT
1. Seismic resistance 9 points
2. Fire resistance KO degree
3. Corrosion resistance: 50-70 years
4. More than 50 years warranty of MAVENT construction
5. Energy saving system and thermal insulation
6. Reduction of costs up to 25%, reduction of heating and cooling costs up to 40%
7. Possibility of fast installation: no seasonality 12/365 and execution of installation works in temperatures from -50 ° to + 50 °
8. Wide selection of ventilated facade systems, both with and without cladding material.

If You want to have a reliable partner, then Your only and reliable choice is MAVENT FACADE SYSTEMS, which will be by Your side throughout the project and will ensure the high quality you expect.