Hrant Matevosyan’s Cultural Center and Museum is Under Construction in Yerevan

Hrant Matevosyan’s Cultural Center and Museum is Under Construction in Yerevan

The construction of the cultural center and museum dedicated to the outstanding Armenian writer Hrant Matevosyan has been going on for more than two years. The building is located in the center of Armenian capital Yerevan, on Abovyan street. It can become one of the most important cultural landmarks of the capital, completely transferring the visitors to the “writer’s environment”. David Matevosyan, the son of the writer, says that they initially abandoned the idea of a house museum. Instead, they intend to create a cultural center and museum, which would represent the literary heritage of Matevosyan to its visitors in the most lively and harmonious way. “The concept of a house museum in Armenia and in other countries becomes a “dead” idea if it enclosed within the framework of only housing concept. The museum should be endowed with functions, that is, it should make this environment live," said Davit Matevosyan.

Matevosyan's Environment with Modern Solutions

“According to the initial design, the center consists of three floors, as well as a basement floor. Now the third floor was removed from the project, but it was promised to return it,” said Davit Matevosyan, stressing that otherwise the integrity of the center will not be ensured.

In the basement floor there will be an auditorium for various events, including performances, film shows, etc. The ground floor designed for the main exhibition hall.

"A writing desk, a typewriter, clothes, books and other personal staff belonging to writer will be presented in the form of a special exhibition. Now the exposition project is being formed, but financial resources are needed. It is necessary to solve the issues of interactive, sound and light presentations for multigenre Matevosyan’s texts, and we will do it," Davit Matevosyan said. Half of the second floor will also serve as an exhibition hall.

"On the third floor, the following is envisaged: a hall for temporary exhibitions, that is, an environment where it will be possible to organize small exhibitions, book presentations, readings, meetings with writers. The other half is intended to be used as a dwelling-workshop for those guests who want to study writer’s heritage."

"Throughout the world, for decades, there are international programs that allow people engaged in arts to visit different countries and do their creative work. For example, our center can provide an opportunity to specialists in literature or translators to live here and study the art of the writer." A botanical garden identical to the Lori region nature and zones with toponyms of the Matovosian’s “world” will be included in the park improvement works.

Davit Matevosyan finds it difficult to say when the center will open its doors to visitors. At the moment the construction of the second floor of the building is completed. General contractor of the construction is "Horizon-95" and the project financed by the Armenian government.