There is Still a Big Interest in Yerevan Subway Expansion

There is Still a Big Interest in Yerevan Subway Expansion

In August 2018 a meeting was held between the first deputy chairman of Urban Development Committee of RA Armen Ghularyan and Nikolay Davtyan from St. Petersburg, who used to work in Yerevan Subway in 1987-2001 in various responsible positions. During the meeting, Davtyan presented a project for the construction of a new subway station Surmalu between the existing stations Sasuntsi David and Zoravar Andranik. According to the project the new station will be located on the territory of the former cannery. This project, in author’s opinion, will not only help to relieve Sevan street and the adjacent territories of shopping centers Petak and Surmalu, but also will provide an alternative transport mean. But how feasible is its implementation if at a short distance from it there are already two stations, and is it possible, that the project will be a senseless financial expense? It is noteworthy, that according to the information of the State Committee for Urban Development, the submitted project is only a private offer, and nothing is envisaged in this direction.

In recent years much is said about the need to expand Yerevan Subway, particularly, about the construction of new stations. It is interesting that the project for the construction of the Surmalu station was proposed after the construction issue of the station Ajapnyak was raised at the state level last year.

“According to the master plan, the Yerevan Subway had three directions to expand:
I) Ajapnyak direction, II) South-Western district direction, III) going up along Komitas Avenue,”- in one of his interviews noted the architect Gurgen Musheghyan.
The construction of Ajapnyak station began in Soviet times. Most of the work was already done, but because of Spitak devastating earthquake in 1988 this and many other projects remained incomplete, and naturally, all the financial resources of that time were sent to the disaster zone for reconstruction works. Yet, in the course of time the enlargement of the capital city led to an increase in the load of the road traffic, therefore, the construction of new subway stations has become a necessity. 30th of August 2017 the Public Council meeting made a decision to recommence the construction of Ajapnyak station. The perennial problem seemed to be solved, but after the Velvet Revolution in May 2018 the issue remained still open. How this process will develop is still unknown. It is noteworthy, that in recent years, some international banks are also interested in the construction of Ajapnyak station. The construction project of Ajapnyak station has its opponents who propose to change the plan and build new tunnels. But this approach is associated not only with huge additional costs, but also entails the problem of concreting the existing tunnels. Taking into account the opportunities of the state budget, the government cannot finance the construction of new directions from scratch, as this will significantly increase the amount of investments. Subway is an environmentally friendly and maximally safe vehicle and it is indispensable, especially during rush hours. An important condition for the proportional development of any city is the availability of transport means, connecting the administrative districts with each other as fast as possible.

Back in 1966 the Armenian Government was able to persuade the Moscow authorities to replace the planned construction of underground tram with Yerevan Subway, which was a competent policy from the point of view of capital city development, growth of population, and also on the basis of strategic considerations.

The construction of Yerevan Subway became possible only thanks to people very committed to their work and country, and to continue their business is the duty of the present and future generations.